The 2022 Antler Horn and Tusk Competition for the Nelson Branch will be held on June 22nd 2022, Saxton Oval pavilion post our AGM. Photographic entries are also part of this competition and can be submitted using this link HERE


AHT entry form can be found HERE with extensive rules included -basic rules as follows:

  1. You must be a paid financial member on the 22nd June 2022 to enter the competition
  2. Trophies need to be well cleaned and fit to be presented
  3. Animals need to be taken after the 25th May 2021
  4. No thermals or spotlighted animals or paid for access, animal to be free range
  5. Late entries may not be accepted

Photographic entry form is fully electronic this year and is accessed by clicking the link above.

**Limit is 3 photos per category - e.g 3 photos entered into "Hunting Memories" category. Complete a separate form for each category**

  1. Images are taken by the financial member submitting
  2. Images are not doctored or superimposed in anyway subsequent to taking
  3. Videos are not to be edited or dubbed by other persons

This is the first year we have received Photographic entries electronically so lets hope it goes smoothly!