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Formed in 1937, the New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association is New Zealand's only National body representing the interests of hunters and shooters nationwide. The fundamental aim of the association is to ensure that the organisation and management of recreational hunting in New Zealand is carried out by hunters.

The Nelson Branch was established 26th of August 1948 by 46 members with Dr G.B Orbell in attendance. Newton McConochie was appointed as the first President, J.G Ingram Vice President and E.E Osborn as Secretary/Treasurer. The Nelson Branch has been advocating and representing hunters and shooters interests for over 75 years in the region and nationally.

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The Nelson Branch is an incorporated society and a registered charity with a growing membership in the hundreds. The Branch owns Red Deer Lodge located in St Arnaud which can be booked by the public for accommodation. We also own and maintain an extensive shooting range at Packers Creek on lease land. We also oversee a basic range in Murchison. Meetings are held monthly on the last Tuesday at the Target Shooting Nelson Clubrooms, Saxton Oval. See the events calendar for upcoming events.

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