Antler, Horn and Tusk Competition 2020

The 2020 Antler Horn and Tusk & Photographic Competition for the Nelson Branch was held on the 28th July 2020. Many thanks to the scorers Warren and John Noakes who laboured into the night to score all entries.


Peoples Store Trophy - Best Nelson deer head

1st Cory Jones (Fallow)
2nd Mike DeGray (Red)

Williams cup for Pig tusks
1st Kieran Hall DS 18
2nd Greg Couper DS17 7/8
3rd Cory Jones 16 4/8

Eddy Trophy - Best trophy on Douglas score conversion
1st Mike Grant (Chamois 325DS conv)
2nd Aaron Shields (Fallow 323)
3rd Jody Stow (Goat 321)

Sports Depot Cup. Best Chamois head
1st Mike Grant 27
2nd Mike Grant 26 6/8
3rd = Eric Hall & Liam Boshoff 26 4/8

Bob Baigent cup. Best head taken by a junior
1st Jody Stow (Goat) 119 5/8
2nd Locky Mirfin (Red stag and Goat) 200 3/8
3rd Ryan Mirfin (Red stag & Goat) 181 4/8

Bob Baigent trophy (Horned game other than Chamois)
1st Jody Stow (Goat) 119 5/8
2nd = Aaron Shields (Tahr) 42 Warren Keoghan (Tahr) 42
3rd David Hobson (Tahr) 40 6/8

Whitcombe Challenge trophy - Best NZ Deer Head. On DS
1st Aaron Shields (Fallow)
2nd Cory Jones (Fallow)
3rd Alex Davies (Whitetail)

Rakiura Trophy Best Whitetail
1st & 2nd Alex Davies best scored 118.5DS

Shuttleworth trophy - Best Red deer head
1st Cory Jones 283 7/8
2nd Cory Jones 272 2/8
3rd Alex Davies 255 4/8

Other nice heads measured but not eligible for competition (Time of shooting, historic, or non-member, or non-financial on competition night):
Jarod Mclaughlan 286.5, David Renwick 277 7/8, James Bartlett 247

A good spread of heads again this year, particularly taking the lock down into account. Pleasing to see increase in pigs, goats and junior entries this year. Stag antlers were well represented with some very nice heads, with the majority of the Reds and Chamois coming out of Marlborough, showing the importance of the hunting opportunities on Molesworth for Nelson members and the need to retain this resource.