2024 Committee

President: Greg Couper

Secretary: Dave Woods

Treasurer: Gilbert Robertson

Members: Bill O’Leary, Graeme Smith, Graeme Ching, Neill Cliffe, John Noakes, David Haynes, Carina Jackson, Mark MacDonald, Warren Plum, Malanie Bartlett, Richard Wells


Range Committee: Convener: Graeme Ching

Members: Graeme Smith, Graeme Ching, Bill O’Leary, Brian Hore

Hazard or Incident Reporting:  Graeme Ching or contact member of Range Committee

Access, Rules and Safety: See Packers Creek Rifle Range Information page and check your emails for updates or changes to range opening times.


Branch Hunts and Activities:

Convenor: Mark Macdonald


Hunts Courses:

Website: Learn to hunt page

Convenor: Bill O’Leary

Members: Mark MacDonald, Garry


New Members: Contact Us or go to the national join NZDA page


The Mountain Echo: Richard Wells