Antler, Horn and Tusk Competition 2024

The 2024 Antler Horn and Tusk & Photographic Competition for the Nelson Branch was held on the 29th May 2024.  Huge thanks go to Warren Plum and Eric Hall for scoring all heads. Also to Greg Monahan of Whistling Frog Media for his judging of the Photographic entries and documenting the night. We also were lucky to have local business McCashin's Tap Room as a venue + sponsor plus of course MTN gear for sponsoring Trophy hooks and spot prizes for the fourth year in a row!

**All images Copyright Whistling Frog Media and need prior permission before use.**


Peoples Store Trophy - Best Nelson region deer head
1st Karl Puklowski  13 point 243 6/8
2nd Karl Puklowski 227 2/8
All other stags out of district

Williams Cup - Best pig tusks
1st Hamish Salmond
no other entries.

Eddy trophy - Best trophy on DS conversion
1st Sam Kingsbury Tahr
2nd Eric Hall Tahr
3rd Karl Puklowski Goat

Sports Depot Cup - Best Chamois
1st Eric Hall 26 4/8
2nd Mike DeGray 26 2/8
3rd Aaron Shields 25 2/8
Bob Baigent Cup - Best head by junior, under 18
1st Finn Dallas Chamois 24 4/8
2nd Finn Dallas Red 9 point 250 6/8
3rd Jasper Brannen Red 10 point 213
Bob Baigent Trophy - Horned game other than Chamois
1st Sam Kingsbury Tahr 45 
2nd Eric Hall Tahr 41 2/8 
3rd Karl Puklowski Goat 105 6/8

 Whitcombe Challenge Trophy - Best NZ Deer head on DS
1st Mark Macdonald 14 point 296 DS
Rakiura Cup - Best Whitetail
No entries
Shuttleworth Trophy - Best Red deer head
1st Mark Macdonald 14 point 296 DS
2nd Kieran Hall 12 Point 282 7/8
3rd Cory Jones 278 6/8
Womans Cup - Best head on DS conversion
1st Carina Jackson Fallow 163 1/8
2nd Mal Bartlett Fallow 145 1/8

Other notable entries:

Best Fallow Deer Eric Hall 179 3/8Ds
Best Bow shot animal Finn Dallas Goat 65 7/8
No Rams entered this year